Adam Goldin is an economist at Moody’s Analytics whose various interests allow him to bring a holistic approach to economics. From a young age, Goldin was fascinated with international affairs. He loved studying history and observing the ways that countries interacted with each other throughout history. Goldin loved assessing the strategies behind the actions of various governments and looking at how countries related to one another.

Goldin attended Binghamton University, where he began to develop an interest in economics. There, he received his Bachelor of Arts in both Economics and Political Science. He then studied at George Washington University, where he gained a Master of Arts in International Affairs. Ten years later, he received a Master of Arts in Economics from Fordham University.

Adam Goldin’s wide skill set allowed him to be an asset in a number of careers. He entered the workforce by working as a Research Assistant at the Hudson Institute. This position allowed him to exercise his skills in economics. He has also worked with the Welfare to Work Partnership, Moody’s Investor’s Service, and the Financial Guaranty Insurance Company. Goldin now takes great pride in his current position as an economist at Moody’s Analytics.

But what sets him apart from other economists? Adam is a passionate writer. In addition to his interest in history and international affairs, his writing skills allow him to approach economics in a unique way. While other economists are crunching numbers, Goldin prefers to reflect his analytical studies through the writing aspect of his career. In his career, he writes the European macro round-up, financial market analysis, Canadian economic commentaries, and much more.

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